AGE: 21

"My name is Molly Simons, I am twenty one years old and I am from Cornwall. I am currently living in Sydney, Australia with my partner in a one bedroom house which we rent from a local couple for $515 each, every two weeks. I have been living and renting in Australia for 8 months now on a working holiday visa. Before I moved to Australia, and when I return home in April, I will be living with my parents in our family home, rent free. One of the reasons I will be returning to live with my parents is I am reluctant to sign a contract and move in to my own place because I am never sure of how long I am going to stay there. I love travelling the world and have sent the last 2 years between living at home with my parents and living/travelling around the world. I would say the main reason I live with my parents is I usually work jobs that pay me minimum wage, and there for I cant afford to move into my own place with that money. Living in Cornwall is particularly hard because there isn’t many job opportunities and the rent is very high. I haven’t received any financial help through a charity or any other organisation, I have paid for everything I have done and am doing with my own money and occasionally borrowed and paid back money from my parents."