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What to include in the email:

Your name?

How old you are?


What is your current living condition at home?

Have you received financial help through a charity?


Try and keep your word count within 500 words.

If you wish to include audio content, photographs or video content please attach them to the email.

Photographs can be taken on any medium (iPhone, DSLR, Polaroid or film) The visual content can be yourself on your own or including all your family members. However please read the terms and conditions of usage for your photographs once they are submitted. 

Terms and conditions:

  1.  By agreeing to Prolonging Adolescences terms and conditions you are allowing your images, audio or film footage that is submitted, to be shared on this website, Instagram, twitter and Facebook. Therefore if you wish to only submit your name and conceal your image identity please do not send in visuals of yourself and your family. Just send in a statement including the details above. 
  2. Please make sure that your family members have agreed to their photograph being taken and are aware of its presence online.
  3. By agreeing to HOME'S terms and conditions you are agreeing that you will not seek any reward or compensation for your participation. Specifically, you agree not to seek financial compensation for your contribution, no matter how your contribution is used in the future.