Hello , my name is Aven Belasco from Newlyn Cornwall.

A lot of people say it's hard to find work in my local area. Especially for people age 16-21 . Not many thriving businesses in newlyn , so not many places are taking people on ! 
Where I'm from it's more about who you know and not what you can offer . Most people tend to learn trades or go back to college. 
I've noticed that for boys it's very hard to move out . A lot of landlords won't take on a group of boys and you need good credit scores which not many people have at our age. It's too expensive to move out by yourself based on how much we get paid ! Which means a lot of people my age are living at home, like myself .

My family are more than happy to have me live at their house because they know how hard it is to move out . I work full time (running a skateshop) and help out with the bills as well. I don't earn enough to move out by myself or buy fancy things especially when I'm saving to go travelling .

I left college last year & the grades I got hadn't helped me gain employment aha. They advised me to go uni and we had a number of visitors that suggested the idea of it but by the 2nd year of college I was completely over studying.