My name is Colm Doyle and I am nineteen years old. I live in a small town in the suburbs of Cork City in Ireland. It's really expensive to rent in my locality due to its close proximity to the city centre. As a result the wages that I earn wouldn't be enough to financially support me if I wanted to move out from home. I don't mind living at home anyway, as I feel its the most practical option at the moment, and my parents are really supportive of that.


Thankyou for sending in your story Gwilym Pritchard!

My family have been fully supportive of me living at home
There are relatively high opportunities for seasonal work locally due to the tourist trade. However full time jobs are pretty sparse and skilled jobs are very hard to come by. Living independently is very expensive locally and as most work is seasonal renting accommodation just seems like a huge drain on money, that could otherwise be spent financing going away in the winter. 

I think that there’s a huge amount of pressure put on to young people to apply for university. Very little information is given to people taking academic subjects about alternative routes toward employment within the education system. I guess this is in part due to the fact that it reflects well on an institution if they can say that they’ve helped large amounts of students go to university; even if that does not necessary mean it will lead to employment. I feel like there is also pressure put on young people to be successful in wider society and although success is a fairly subjective you feel like you have to try and justify not going straight though further education or into a corporate job to others.


Hello , my name is Aven Belasco from Newlyn Cornwall.

A lot of people say it's hard to find work in my local area. Especially for people age 16-21 . Not many thriving businesses in newlyn , so not many places are taking people on ! 
Where I'm from it's more about who you know and not what you can offer . Most people tend to learn trades or go back to college. 
I've noticed that for boys it's very hard to move out . A lot of landlords won't take on a group of boys and you need good credit scores which not many people have at our age. It's too expensive to move out by yourself based on how much we get paid ! Which means a lot of people my age are living at home, like myself .

My family are more than happy to have me live at their house because they know how hard it is to move out . I work full time (running a skateshop) and help out with the bills as well. I don't earn enough to move out by myself or buy fancy things especially when I'm saving to go travelling .

I left college last year & the grades I got hadn't helped me gain employment aha. They advised me to go uni and we had a number of visitors that suggested the idea of it but by the 2nd year of college I was completely over studying.

Name:Zoe Down
Age: 23
Live: Penzance Cornwall

My family are very supportive of me living at home, even if on some level I think they would like me to be able to have my own place
In my local area one bedroom apartments tend to be around the 450pcm plus bills and utilities. There are there lots of opportunities for work in your local areas
Sadly not that many, there are quite a few seasonal jobs but not many full time jobs in my career field.

I did feel pressure to apply to university after college, I felt if I didn’t do I wouldn’t have a very good chance at employment, where as I think it is more who you know not what you know, I think there is tremendous pressure on our generation to succeed. I think the pressure can get to be too much and make you want to rebel the other way.

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